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The Schema Generator is an innovative tool to generate enriched data according to quickly and easily as JSON code, ready for embedding.
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  • The intuitive interface allows simple and effective operation of the Schema Generator.

  • All properties can be entered individually, or existing JSONs can be uploaded and edited.

  • The Schema Generator is always up-to-date according to

  • The app is continuously improved by the community, which provides free data sets.

  • Established by the four biggest search engines
  • Over 10 million sites use
  • Structured data for all digital assets
  • SEO improvements and better clickthrough rates (CTR)
  • Rich data and shared community vocabulary
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of web content to search engines

On the nature of search engines

All SEO efforts cannot escape one fact: Search engines, irrespective of which particular one is used, are robots. Unlike human users, they can only interpret what they have been programmed for; creativity is not within their realm. SEO in all its facets thus is nothing more than explaining websites and their assets to these robots: All nice and slow, as if for dummies. What is the purpose of the site? How valuable is its content? What exactly is this content? This is where comes into play.

In general, markup explains what content means. As is pointed out on, common HTML tags define how information contained in the tags is supposed to be displayed. For example, Avatar tells the browser to display the text string “Avatar” in a heading 1 format. But are we talking about the 3D movie, or the profile pictures used in video games, or the incarnation of a god in Hindu Mythology? Only if we put the right schema markup around the name “Avatar” can we make clear to the search engine what exactly we are talking about.

And provides a set of predefined schema types which the search engines Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yandex have agreed upon. These fixed classes can be embedded as Microdata, RDFa or JSON-LD and define exactly the content of the page or asset for the search engine.

The benefits are clear: The better the search engine knows what kind of content it is dealing with, the more accurate the search results will be. Hence user chances of finding exactly what they are looking for increase. Additionally, page visits from relevant visitors increase and thus click budgets get used optimally. For these reasons is now used by over 10 million sites worldwide.

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Learn more success stories

Eventbrite: World’s largest event technology platform*

  • 100% increase in the typical year-over-year growthof traffic from Google Search to event listing pages, according to Google Analytics

Rakuten: Among largest IT companies in Japan*

  • 2.7x more traffic from search engines
  • 1.5x increase in session duration

ZipRecruiter: Tool to help businesses distribute millions of online job postings, posted directly to their websites, affordably across multiple platforms*

  • 3x higher conversion rate from Google than from other search engines
  • 4.5x higher Google organic conversion rate than it was previously
  • 10% lower bounce rate for Google visitors to job pages
  • 35% more monthly organic non-branded traffic

StyleCraze: Online magazine for women that focuses on the latest tips and resources in beauty, health and wellness*

  • 1.2x CTR (Click Through Rate) improvement
  • 100% URLs with markup observed a positive uplift on CTR
  • Implemented markup in 3 languages (English, Hindi, and Telugu)

Saramin: Among largest job platforms in Korea, increased organic search traffic 2x by investing in SEO*

  • 102% increase in year-over-year (YOY) organic traffic from Google Search during the hiring season in 2019
  • 93% increase in new member sign-ups from organic traffic from Google Search
  • 9% increase YOY in conversion rate from organic traffic from Google Search

Jobrapido: Global leader for job search engines*

  • 115% increase in organic traffic
  • 270% increase of new user registrations from organic traffic since launch of the new job experience on Google Search
  • 15% lower bounce rate for Google visitors to job pages

Monster India: Part of the global job portal*

  • 94% increase in organic traffic on job details pages
  • 10% increase in applications